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Welcome to the official website of "SA Carp Angling Solutions (SACS) Ltd." and the SACS Brand: The South African Carp Society. SACS is the leader in the South African Carp Angling Industry with various private venues being sourced and managed on behalf of our Subscribers. Our passion of Specimen Carp Angling is also being promoted at these venues through  proper management of the fish population, funds and resources to avail proper big carp venues to our subscribers to fish. The priority of SACS is also proper fish care at our venues. Follow this link to read more: No.1 Carp Care and Safety

Kindly join SACS officially as a subscriber at to fish our private venues and to receive assistance from other experienced SACS subscribers to enhance your specimen carp angling passion. Our website furthermore has a huge data base of information relevant to Specimen Carp Angling as well as articles promoting Ethical Angling in South Africa. SACS Subscribers also have to adhere to the SACS Code of Conduct

Contact the Director of SACS if you would like to avail your venue to SACS Subscribers to fish. SACS can also assist you to transform your venue into a big carp lake through proper management of the fish already available.

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This website receive thousands of hits every month from potential Customers all over the country and it can be beneficial to you and your business as a marketing platform. SACS can market your business / product / services on this website at a small fee of R600.00 per year with a link to your website, facebook page or contact details.

Payment of the marketing fee can be done by you once-off into our business account; or SACS can collect R50 per month from your bank account per debit order via SagePay. A 21-day notice period will be applicable to cancel the debit order. It will be ongoing until the advert is cancelled by you.

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Cell: 083-789 9082

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