Dear SACS Subscriber

You will notice that many changes are currently taking place on the new official SACS website in order to register SACS officially as a full company by the name “SA Carp Angling Solutions (SACS) PTY Ltd.”. The purpose of this change will be to modernize SACS (moving away from the purpose as subscriber platform only) and for SACS to procure angling equipment and other services directly (without the middle man) from suppliers to the benefit of current and new subscribers. SACS will also diversify in future into more areas creating more benefits to subscribers and it will be communicated to subscribers as changes are taking place.

You will also observe on the new website that SACS will now consist of the following areas:

  • SA Carp Angling Solutions (SACS): The Business
  • SA Carp Society (SACS): The Brand

This step, in conjunction with other service providers will assist SACS to expand even more to attract new subscribers (Carp Anglers in SA) to join us to increase subscriptions and funding for SACS business.

Please take note that although SACS will from 1 March 2016 effectively operate as a business (which is needed to move forward) all SACS subscribers will still be the priority of SACS / myself personally as Managing Director (MD) and that all current and new SACS funds / resources will still belong to SACS to benefit subscribers. The logo of SACS and the abbreviation “SACS” will also remain more or less the same to confirm this to subscribers.

More events will also be taking place for subscribers from this year in order to involve all and to develop especially new subscribers of SACS.

Kindly contact me at if you have any further questions in this regard.

Kind regards,

Julius Klokow
Managing Director (MD)
SA Carp Angling Solutions (SACS)