SACAS Vision and Mission

South African Carp Angling Solutions (SACAS) strives to get all Specimen Carp Anglers involved in one place for all of us to have a voice against those people and activities threatening Specimen Carp Angling in South Africa. Kindly carry the “Vision” and “Mission” of SACAS forward to achieve this. It is as follows:


South African Carp Angling Solutions (SACAS) is a subscriber based holding company with the purpose of promoting the sport of Specimen Carp Angling in Southern Africa, providing education to anglers on proper fish care and taking on environmental challenges related to angling. Furthermore SACAS also strives to source private venues for our subscribers to fish.


  • SACS strives to unite all Specimen Carp Anglers and groups in order to maximize our collective political voice and to represent all our subscribers at national level within the angling governing bodies, other major bodies and organizations.
  • To encourage all anglers to take positive and pro-active action to protect our sport and to release carp weighing 8 kilograms and more.
  • Challenge and resist threats to specimen carp angling, indigenous fish species and the environment by playing an active role in voicing our concerns with the relevant authorities.
  • Promote the universal adoption of a responsible Code of Conduct for all anglers.
  • Educate anglers with regard to Specimen Carp Angling and to practice proper fish care and fish safety.
  • Source / establish proper and safe private carp fishing venues for our members.


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