Kwaggahoek Dam is only open to official SACS subscribers to fish.

NB: The following changes for 2021 Kwaggahoek bookings are as follows:

Individually booked the minimum fee for Kol will be R280 for 2 anglers and the minimum fee for Otter will be R280 for 2 anglers per day/night. Fee per extra person thereafter will be R140 per person per day/night.

One member may not book both camps. As all anglers with you must be members of SACS another member in your group can book the other camp, if needed.

Please also consider other members during peak Carp fishing times / holidays to allow them to book the camp next to you. Kol can be fished by at least 4 anglers (8 rods) and Otter by at least 3 anglers (6 rods). As you know, all anglers with you must be members of SACS.

Kingfisher chalets (when available) will be R500 per night for up to 4 people.

Fisherman chalets (when available) will be R200 per night for up to 4 people.

Camp areas 1 to 4 will be R90 per person per day / night (Minimum fee of R180 for 2 people payable per booking per day / night during the week. Minimum fee of R360 payable for weekends, Saturday to Sunday bookings included.

Power points are now available at all Camp areas and is inclusive to camping fees. Whatsapp 0837899082 for available dates.

Names of all Anglers to be indicated in your booking to confirm they are SACS members. Non-members will not be allowed as guests at Kol and Otter or Camp areas unless arranged with me.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Júlíus Kloków
SACS Director
Kwaggahoek Dam Manager and Reservations