Dear SACS Subscriber

During the past nearly 5 years there has been a small rise in the subscription fee of R5 since I took full control of the SA Carp Society on 1 November 2010. I have tried to manage expenses as far as possible in line with income generated from subscription fees and every year I was able to carry over some funds to the next year. Last year I have also dropped the subscription fee for Level 2 members as per request of subscribers but have also included the option for subscription to “The Carp Angler” at launch of the magazine. This has resulted in less income for SACS but SACS rather need more funds to ensure the provision of better facilities and venues to subscribers

SACS is in the position to have a healthy bank balance and cash flow for current activities but I have to start looking at providing more better facilities at venues for our subscribers without jeopardizing this. Funds are currently available to do proper upgrades to a venue but I do not want to take the chance of spending most cash funds leaving SACS with a cash flow problem as a result. SACS is also busy with a feedeng sceme at Misty Lakes and to expand to the smaller Xhariep dam. I thus had to look at ways of expanding the cash flow of SACS in order to enhance SACS activities as well as providing better facilities at venues to subscribers.

SACS is also in the process of procuring Electro Fishing equipment at the amount of R60,000.00 and this will enhance the fish management function tremendously at our venues to achieve proper size fish in the shortest time. At the moment there is just one such machine available in South AFrica and SACS can become the sole owner and rent it out also to recover costs. There are an excellent demand for this as SACS received a lot of requests in the past for assistance to remove or manage fish in many lakes.

The options are:

1. Curbing of current expenses (currently not reachable as we are negotiating new venues for Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KZN, Western Cape and the Free State resulting in more expenses due to traveling, branding, advertisement and procuring services & equipment)
2. Requesting sponsorships
3. Adjusting membership fees

Although SACS has not relied on external sponsorships in the past we have to start to look at securing sponsors. I have tried to not bother people for sponsors in the past but it is now time for this path to be pursued to futher enhance the expansion of facilities.

I wish to hereby also give notice to all SACS subscribers that the following subscriber fees will be payable from 25 January 2016:

Level 1 and 2: R60,00 per Subscriber
Level 1 and 2 (with “The Carp Angler” magazine subscription): R95,00 per SACS Subscriber

I hope that all current Subscribers accept the new subscription fees and you are welcome to contact me at if you have any further inquiries or comments.

Kind regards,

Julius Klokow
Managing Director (MD)
SA Carp Angling Solutions (SACS)