By: The Managing Director of SACS


Subscriber applications:

 Subscriber News –

We are moving towards March 2018 and SACS is privileged to go from strength to strength!

Our subscriber data base is expanding with more Subscribers joining each month and SACS is able to generate proper income at Kwaggahoek dam (SACS only venue) for the owner as well as some private partnered venues where subscribers book directly with owners. The feedback received is indeed extremely positive due to the conduct of SACS subscribers cleaning behind them and also being friendly to the owners and assisting other anglers next to them. SACS is indeed a passion towards greater achievement in life!

I have had some inquiries from new Subscribers about the length of contract to be signed with SACS to fish our private venues. The good news is that there are no lengthy contracts to be signed with SACS; meaning that subscribers can resign from SACS at any time with a 21 day notice period applicable. Indeed we have had no new subscribers resigning the past year.

With regard to the subscription fee payable to SACS, I wish to inform you that the fee has escalated by only R5 (and not R10 as in the past) for 2018. With this small escalation SACS hopes to keep it affordable for all our valued Subscribers as we do not want to lose you due to a high or unaffordable subscription fee.

The new subscription fees for 2018 will thus be as follows:

* R75 per family (Husband / Wife / Children under 18)

* R70 per subscriber in a family package where all wanted to subscribe individually (Husband / Wife / Children under 18)

* R110 per subscriber every second month for those who opted to receive the Carp Angler magazine with their subscription

* Still R95 for the old level 2 subscribers who pay this amount every month and also receive the Carp Angler magazine (this amount will not escalate in future also)

SACS wishes to thank you for your ongoing support and I value your personal inputs to make our service better to you. The arrangements for a SACS AGM session will be announced soon as the Director of SACS wishes to meet our supporters in person.


Kwaggahoek dam has experienced a hard time with less rain falling in the catchment area than in the past. The dam level has dropped low in January but hopefully it would have stabilized by the time of publishing of this article. SACS, in partnership with the owner, and SACS Subscribers visiting the venue frequently have kept our eyes on the situation. Luckily the dam is also fed by a natural spring.

Catches made by SACS Subscribers were indeed excellent with big Carp of up 36lb’s being landed in the summer months. Attached images of some catches…

Images –

SACS received this two beautiful pictures from Floris Visser and Naeem Wahab of the catches they have made at Kwagghoek Dam. These photos belong on a front cover!