Dear SACS Subscribers

SACS now issues a proper “Subscription Certificate” to subscribers to confirm membership. We do not issue the PVC cards any more due to problems at the post office where it gets lost most of the time. I got tired to hear remarks that I have not send the cards when I in fact have done so. During an inquiry I made on our Facebook group in this regard, this new arrangement was embraced by many; hence the decision was made to implement it as soon as possible. I have already send out more than 200 certificates to current subscribers. Response have up to now only been received positively from those who have already received and I appreciate the acceptance of this arrangement a lot as I wish to provide an excellent service to subscribers.

You now have the option to print a copy for your wall and to frame it and to print another copy and laminate it to keep in your vehicle to show at venues, like African Blessings, to make a booking. You can take the copy that I have e-mail to you to any printing business and they will print it for you in a high quality format in color.

Please take note that you must be registered on the new website at to receive the new subscription certificate as SACS wants to motivate all current subscribers / members to register on the new website. As soon as you have registered and have submitted the required documents I will send you your certificate.

Those who have registered on the new website but whom may not have received a certificate, please e-mail me at to remind me to send you your certificate and I will do so asap.

Kindly also join our Facebook group “SA Carp Angling Solutions (SACS)” to receive updated information related to SACS and to see what is currently happening.

Information is also shared to subscribers and the general public in the SACS column in The Carp Angler magazine. Please support this initiative.

Thanks for your ongoing support to SACS, it is much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Director: SACS