Angling Rules / Hengel reëls

The following rules are implemented at Ratsegaai with immediate effect. If you break it you will be requested to leave the venue although you have paid (No refunds)! / Die volgende reëls word met onmiddelike effek by Ratsegaai geimplementeer. As jy dit verbreek sal jy versoek word om die perseel te verlaat al het jy betaal (Geen refunds)!:

  1. Only Specimen angling with hair rig are allowed at the venue. NO conventional angling (No Papgooi). / Slegs Spesiehengel met haarstrop word toegelaat by die dam. GEEN konvensionele hengel (Geen Papgooi).
  2. No less than 14lb (6kg) strength of main line must be used / Slegs lyn sterker as 14lb (6kg) moet gebruik word op die hooflyn.
  3. Only (1) one hook to be used at all times per rod in a specimen angling setup. / Slegs (1) een hoek toegelaat per stok te alle tye volgens die spesiehengel metode.
  4. All carp safe equipment (carp mat, fish safe landing net and weigh sling) must be displayed before starting to fish. / Alle karpvriendelike toerusting (karpmat, visveilige skepnet en weegsak) moet uitgestal word voordat daar gehengel word.
  5. To curb line pressure, only 4 rods are allowed on a swim if 1 angler fishes. A maximum of 6 rods are allowed on a swim if 2 or more anglers fish. / Om lyndruk te verminder word slegs 4 stokke op 'n swim toegelaat wanneer 1 hengelaar hengel. 'n Maksimum van 6 stokke word toegelaat wanneer 2 of meer hengelaars hengel. 
  6. Anglers are not allowed to fish from 1 swim over to another. / Hengelaars word nie toegelaat om oor swims te hengel nie. 
  7. Fish must be played and landed from a boat or canoe to curb fish from being lost in snags. Do not try to land the fish from the bank! / Vis moet vanaf 'n boot of canoe gespeel en geland word om the keer dat vis in snags beland. Moenie probeer om die vis van die ower af te land nie!
  8. No fish may be removed by any angler from the venue or be grilled. Gates will be locked permanently to the venue and vehicles searched for fish being removed without authorization. Any person visiting the venue will be obliged to accept this arrangement or not be allowed access to the venue any more. / Geen vis mag vanaf die dam verwyder word of gebraai word nie. Hekke tot die perseel sal voortaan gesluit word en voertuie deursoek word vir vis wat onregmtig verwyder word. Enige persoon wat die venue besoek sal die reëling gehoorsaam of die perseel voortaan belet word.
  9. Anglers are requested to consider one another as SACS members. / Hengelaars word versoek om mekaar te konsidereer as SACS lede.
  10. No swimming of children are allowed in the dam. / Geen swem van kinders word in die dam toegelaat nie. 
  11. No misuse of alcohol or playing of hard music will be tolerated. / Geen misbruik van alkohol of harde musiek sal geduld word nie.
  12. All garbage to be removed by yourself from the venue. Do not leave it at the ablution block! / Alle vullis moet deur jouself vanaf die perseel verwyder word. Moet dit nie by die ablusieblok los nie!
  13. Fishing for Bass are not allowed any more at the venue due to the low stock level. / Hengel vir Bass word nie meer toegelaat by die venue nie as gevolg van die lae getalle.

The venue:

Ratsegaai Lake is situated 10 kilometres west of Ventersdorp in the North West Province. The lake is managed by the Ratsegaai Trust and R90 000 was spent by the owners of the lake to upgrade it for SACS. New gravel swims were created and a modern ablution block was build for the use of SACS subscribers. It has 2 showers and toilets with warm running water.

The lake have 5 swims available with various structures that can be reached from each swim. Between swim 1 and 2 there is an island which can be targeted as a prominent visible structure. From the swims there can also be fished near reeds on the other side of the lake and the old river bed are easily within range.

It is a difficult venue and big carp are not caught easily. Carp of 8-10 kg are frequently landed. Reports was received from SACS members of various big carp that could not be turned and got snagged up in underwater structure. According to the owner of the lake a carp of 23 kilograms was landed from the lake some years ago. It seems that they are there waiting to be caught but the big fish won't make it easy to be landed.


General information:-

Size: 15 ha

Lake record by SACS subscriber: Currently 29.7 lbs (13.5kg)

Swims / Max. Anglers 5 / 8

Ps: Kindly take note that the dam is closed to anglers during the period 15 December to 2 January every year on request of the owners who have private family activities at the venue during this time.

Read a carp angling review at the lake here....



The following new tariff structures for Ratsegaai Lake are as follows per request of lake owners:

Weekend tariff (Friday to Sunday): R220 per angler per weekend and R110 per non-angling visitor per weekend (only direct family i.e. husband / wife and children). One day / 24 hour fishing tariff not applicable over weekends. 

Weekday tariff (Monday to Friday morning 09h00): R110 per angler for a 24-hour session or part thereof and R55 per non-angling visitor (only direct family i.e. husband / wife and children). Anglers must have left the venue by 09h00 on Friday morning if slept over on Thursday night to make space for weekend anglers.

Visitors / anglers are not allowed to do bass fishing. 

Ablution Block available.


Owner Managed. Anglers allowed as per owner discression.

Contact Herman for bookings: 082-340 3534