Angling rules / Hengel reëls

The following rules are implemented at Kwaggahoek Dam with immediate effect. If you break it you will be requested to leave the venue although you have paid (No refunds)! / Die volgende reëls word met onmiddelike effek by Kwaggahoekdam geimplementeer. As jy dit verbreek sal jy versoek word om die perseel te verlaat al het jy betaal (Geen refunds)!:

  1. Only SACS Subscribers are allowed to fish for Carp and Kurper at Kwaggahoek Dam. / Slegs SACS lede word by Kwaggahoekdam toegelaat om vir Karp en Kurper te hengel.
  2. Only Specimen angling with a hair rig may be used for Carp angling at the venue. / Slegs Spesiehengel met 'n haarstrop word toegelaat vir Karphengel by die dam. 
  3. Only 1 hook may be used per rod for Carp. / Slegs 1 hoek mag gebruik word per stok vir Karp.
  4. No less than 19lb (8kg) strength of main line must be used / Slegs lyn sterker as 19lb (8kg) moet gebruik word op die hooflyn.
  5. All fish safe equipment (carp mat, fish safe landing net and weigh sling) must be displayed before starting to fish. / Alle visvriendelike toerusting (karpmat, visveilige skepnet en weegsak) moet uitgestal word voordat daar gehengel word.
  6. To curb line pressure, only 2 rods are allowed on a camp area if 1 angler fishes. A maximum of 4 rods are allowed on a camp area if 2 or more anglers fish. / Om lyndruk te verminder word slegs 2 stokke op 'n kamparea toegelaat wanneer 1 hengelaar hengel. 'n Maksimum van 4 stokke word toegelaat op 'n kamparea wanneer 2 of meer hengelaars hengel. 
  7. Anglers are not allowed to fish from one camp area over to another, especially at the Spot and the Otter camps. The tree in the water and reeds on the dam wall indicate the angling borders between the two swims. / Hengelaars word nie toegelaat om oor kampareas te hengel nie, veral by die Kol en Otter kampe. Die boom in die water en rietbos op die damwal dui die grens tussen die twee areas aan. 
  8. The use of bait boats alone are not allowed! / Die gebruik van aasbootjies alleenlik word nie toegelaat nie!
  9. Fish must be played and landed from a small boat or canoe to curb fish from being lost in snags. Do not try to land the fish from the bank! / Vis moet vanaf 'n boot of canoe gespeel en geland word om the keer dat vis in snags beland. Moenie probeer om die vis van die ower af te land nie!
  10. No Carp or Kurper may be removed by any angler from the venue or be grilled. Gates will be locked permanently to the venue and vehicles searched for fish being removed without authorization. Any person visiting the venue will be obliged to accept this arrangement or not be allowed access to the venue any more. / Geen Karp of Kurper mag vanaf die dam verwyder word of gebraai word nie. Hekke tot die perseel sal voortaan gesluit word en voertuie deursoek word vir vis wat onregmtig verwyder word. Enige persoon wat die venue besoek sal die reëling gehoorsaam of die perseel voortaan belet word.
  11. Anglers are requested to consider one another as SACS members. / Hengelaars word versoek om mekaar te konsidereer as SACS lede.
  12. No swimming of children are allowed in the dam. Crocodiles are present! / Geen swem van kinders word in die dam toegelaat nie. Krokodille is teenwoordig! 
  13. No misuse of alcohol or playing of hard music will be tolerated. / Geen misbruik van alkohol of harde musiek sal geduld word nie.
  14. No Carp or Kurper may be sacked. It must be weighed, photographed and released as soon as possible! / Geen Karp of Kurper mag gesak word nie. Dit moet so gou as moontlik geweeg, afgeneem en vrygelaat word!

As from 6 May 2015 all Carp angling and Kurper angling from The Spot and Otter Camps as well as the normal Camp areas are processed by South African Carp Angling Solutions (SACS) and bookings can only be done online on this website.

Only SACS subscribers are allowed to do Carp and Kurper angling at the dam. Friends of anglers that are not part of SACS will not be allowed.

Join SACS at to make reservations at the venue.

The use of Electric trolling motors for boats are preferred due to the small surface of the dam and to not spook fish on other angler's swims.

The minimum strength of line has been set at 19 lb / 8 kg to ensure the safety of fish. Inapections will be done to ensure that anglers adhere to this rule!

Tariffs and information for 2022:

1.    4 x Camp areas @ R110.00 per person per day or night. Minimum fee of R440.00 for 1 or 2 people payable on weekend bookings. Max three rods to be used per camp area to curb line pressure and promote fish safety.

2.    “Die Kol / The Spot” – enclosed private camp (tent or caravan). Starting @ R320-00 for 1 or 2 people, R480-00 vir/for 3, R640-00 vir/for 4 people per day and night. Max 8 rods to be used to curb line pressure and promote fish safety.

3.    “Die Otterkamp / The Ottercamp” – enclosed private camp (tent or caravan). Prices as Die Kol / The Spot. Max 6 rods to be used to curb line pressure and promote fish safety.

4.    An additional non-member fee is payable by non-members if accompanying members for the first time. Thereafter they must join SACS to fish the venue again.

5.    Non-anglers pay the same fee per person as anglers.

6.    Chalets currently not available to book as it is used by the Owner of the farm.

7.    Carp and Kurper strictly catch and release. No fish may be sacked!

8.    Carp mats available at the office to use.

Click on the following link to make "Reservations" at the venue:

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