A few months ago I managed to secure written permission from www.Carp-Fishing-Tactics.com to use their articles for publication on a web site of choice in South Africa.

Although some of the information contained in these articles may not be directly applicable to South African conditions, I thought it well to indeed publish these articles for “novice” Carp Anglers to equip them with basic knowledge on carp angling.

Knowledge on basic carp angling is very important as it is the corner stones from where carp anglers are born and developed to Specimen Carp Anglers. Many carp anglers will at one or another time in their lives strive to constantly better their Personal Best (PB) carp catches and start to use advanced tactics in an effort to achieve this.

It is at this stage that carp anglers must know where they are going to and start to practice “Carp Safety & Carp Care” with responsibility and dignity if they have not started yet to do so (Please have a look at our “Carp Care & Carp Safety” articles).

SACS wants to wish you well with your development in becoming a Specimen Carp Angler. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some support or need assistance to overcome some challenges.