All anglers angling the European Style, also known as Boilie Fishing (hair rig), and those already in the process of converting to this style of carp angling, are welcome to join.

Why European Style only?

SACS has simply adopted the ethics and principles of this style and by no means are we discriminating against any other form of carp angling.

The European Style of carp angling focuses on targeting specimen (big) carp with carp friendly tackle and accessories while continuously focusing on the wellbeing of the carp. Unhooking mats, carp friendly landing nets, proper handling of the fish, strict catch and release principles are all prerequisites.

Levels of Subscribers:

  • Level 1 (New subscribers)

    This level is for new subscribers (anglers) with less than 2 years of specimen carp angling experience and those new to this style of angling. Also, if you are planning to convert from any other form of carp angling, or have recently converted, then this level is for you. 

  • Level 2 (Requires sponsor or interview. To advance to this level you must first apply for Level 2 membership)

    Your application will be considered if:
    1. You have an existing member (Level 2) who can vouch for you, also referred to as a Sponsor, or
    2. You successfully completed an interview at any of the SACS accredited centres / venues located country wide.

Contact SACS at for a family subscription package if the need exists. Some discount are provided from the 3rd person in your direct family (husband / wife / children) aged 16 and older.

Code of Conduct

Upon joining SACS each subscriber will be required to sign the South African Carp Society's Code of Conduct. Subscribers must strictly adhere to this Code of Conduct in order to ensure the long term integrity of the SACS.


Why the Interview System?

SACS is actively procuring venues and negotiating benefits for our members. The Interview system is means required to uphold the integrity of the South African Carp Society subscription. SACS is making promises to venue owners on behalf of our subscribers and we cannot risk a few bad apples spoiling it for the rest of our valued subscriber base.

Code of Conduct / Rule Infringement
Any Code of Conduct or Rule infringement will be noted on the South African Carp Society subscriber record database and may result in further steps being taken, depending on the nature of the infringement.
A second infringement within one year of the first infringement will result in the angler/s subscription being suspended / cancelled, subject to the consideration of the Managing Director of SACS, who will notify the angler/s in writing.

Advance to the next level:

Option 1 - Sponsor
If you have been fishing with or you know a SACS subscribers with Level 2 status, you can ask him/her to sign your application form for you (as a Sponsor).
Please note that Sponsors can be held accountable for certain Code of Conduct or Rule infringements made by sponsored members.


Option 2 - Interview

Another option would be to make an appointment with a SACSrepresentative at one of our assessment / interviewing centers located across South Africa.

Contact us for details of the nearest assessment center to you.

How it works:
Make an appointment with one of the assessment centers for a fishing session (over weekends). During your session you will be interviewed and should it be successful, your application form will be signed by the SACS representative. You can then submit your application for Member Level 2.

Any issues with regards to ethics, carp care, tackle requirements and usage thereof will be pointed out to you and you can address them at your own pace.

More interview / assessment centers / options will be made available soon. Please contact us should you need more information about interviewing centers in South Africa.


Your SACS Subscriber Card remains the property of SACS and is non transferable. Should you lose your card a replacement will be supplied on payment of an administration fee. Should your subscription be cancelled for any reason whatsoever you must return your card to the SACS.


Membership Validation via SMS:

Your membership card together with your ID book will serve as proof that you are a subscriber of the SACS. As a backup measure a SACS SMS system will allow SACS managed resort managers / owners to query the status of any subscription in real time. Upon making a booking the resort manager / owner may query SACS database via SMS. The SACS SMS system will respond with the subscriber details to confirm the subscription status.

Your ID Number will be required for this check.