Dear SACS Subscribers

It is again the time of the year that SACS must adjust its subscription fees for all Subscribers (Members) to keep things moving forward.

Subscription fees are utilized for the following extensive expenses related to SACS: i.e office rental and admin, telephone/cell phone calls, internet and line rental, banking fees, venue sourcing and maintenance/upgrades, fish management, feeding schemes, travel expenses and meals, vehicle/boat/equipment maintenance and licensing, sourcing of equipment as needed, projects, advertising, etc.

The Director of SACS will also be visiting all venues and possible suppliers/manufacturers during 2017 which will result in more costs to the company.

SACS will be launching its own brand of clothing and carp luggage in 2017 and would have registered with Jackel fishing tackle and Camp Cover. SACS will also launch its own clothing label in 2017 to create more income for SACS. This also amounts to more costs to the company to get this going to the benefit of SACS / its Subscribers and to provide this products/brands cheaper to Subscribers in the short time frame leading up to 30 February 2017 as the deadline for distribution.

SACS thus relies on your subscription fee to pay for the above (but not limited to) expenses to keep SACS moving forward.

SACS is therefore compelled to rise all individual subscription fees for 2017 from 26 December 2016 by R10.00 per month as follows:

  • Level 1 and 2: R70,00 per SACS Subscriber
  • Level 1 and 2 (with “The Carp Angler” magazine subscription): R105,00 per SACS Subscriber

At the end of the day SACS as a company/business also wishes to generate more income in general to not only rely on Subscribers for income to fund projects, etc. The income generated by the company/business must also support/supplement and preferably surpass the income generated from SACS Subscribers in future. I wish to build SACS to be a strong, reputable and respected brand to be noticed nationally and even internationally while still providing an excellent service to its valued Subscribers around whom everything is being build up. It is all about you!

I hope that this small fee adjustments per month will be acceptable to you.

Kind regards,

Director: SACS