Good day SACS Subscribers

I unfortunately have to report that the contract between SACS and the “The Carp Angler” magazine expires with the November / December issue of the magazine that was just launched on the shelves of shops and on

SACS and the assosiated editor both had expectations towards each other and SACS was able to assist with material written by various SACS subscribers while SACS was also able to grow our subscriber base through exposure in the magazine.

I am proud to communicate the following to you:

1. SACS was able to assist in getting the first dedicated Carp Angling magazine launched for South African anglers through the idea discussed between John Dearden (on behalf of the publisher) and Francois Pretorius (SACS). The first issue launched was called the “The South African Carp Society Publication”.

2. SACS was able to provide the magazine at a R5 discount through the publisher to SACS subscribers who took up the option to subscribe to the magazine at the time.

3. SACS has expanded our subscriber base through the magazine.

4. SACS were able to better communicate news to our members / subscribers and the general public through the magazine.

I wish to especially thank Annetjie Lubbe (Publisher) and Werner Lubbe (General Manager) as well the two editors of the magazine for the time and space they have provided to SACS for us to be part of the magazine’s journey up to now.

So what next? Time has come for SACS to move on to a new exciting venture and future…

SACS has already been contacted to publish our news and subscriber session reports in other independant regional and national printed and digital magazines which should provide SACS with an opportunity to rather expand in more regions of the country where these magazines are published in. (We were bound by The Carp Angler contract not to do so.)

I think that SACS would be able to provide more opportunities and activities to SACS subscribers if arranged on regional rather than national level. We will also be able to negotiate price discounts at shops on regional level like angling clubs do. SACS will also be able to get more involved to negotiate with tackle shops at regional / local level to assist with orders for carp fishing tackle / equipment as per need of members in their area. We will also negotiate with dam owners to establish carp fishing venues rather per area to be easier accessible to members. We will also need the full support and assitance of members / subscribers to make it a success.

Thank you for your support up to now and I trust that your ongoing support in our new ventures will in time take SACS to new heights in the South African Carp Angling industry.

Kind regards,