By: The Managing Director of SACS
Subscriber applications:

Member & Organisation News –

The Western Cape (WC) is still in the grip of an extreme drought and I wish to ask all to pray to our Heavenly Father to intervene to also break this drought in Jesus name! God has answered our prayers and brought extensive rain for the rest of the country and we can trust in Him to also answer our prayers for the WC.

SACS wishes to request SACS subscribers to ensure that their friends who fish with them also become SACS subscribers. I have realized that one angler joins SACS but takes groups of friends with to the Kwaggahoek Dam. It is unfair towards other subscribers who pay their monthly fees faithfully. Subscription is per family (husband, wife and kids) only and friends or other family also has to join SACS to also take responsibility for the code of conduct and lake rules applicable. This is part of the contract signed with dam owners also for insurance purposes and is not negotiable.

I am personally trying to get access to more private lakes in Gauteng for our valued Subscribers and I unfortunately have to report that I am walking into some walls with venue owners. The biggest complaints from owners are that what SACS presents to them what they have heard before from the so called specimen anglers who they allowed at their venues in the past. To their dismay they had to experience noisy drunk people who left the banks dirty behind. We can only ask what happened to the code of conduct the general “specimen angler” cherished in the past to respect nature around him / her. Has the proper code of specimen angling been lost forever now due to people proclaiming themselves to be specimen anglers but indeed are not worthy? Luckily there are a company called SA Carp Angling Solutions (SACS) who still cherish a proper code of conduct with proper lake rules at our private and partnered specimen carp angling venues.

Carp anglers who would like to get involved with disciplined carp angling and cherish nature are welcome to join SACS. SACS will also soon establish a fully registered Specimen Carp angling club in Gauteng for SACS subscribers as subscribers indicated the need for healthy competition among one another.

Venue Reports –

SACS has again paid the yearly club fees of Bloemfontein and Kathu SACS subscribers to the SACS partnered Xhariep Angling Club for the subscribers who frequently fish the venue.
The bookings for Klipkopjé dam has been centralized and handed over to Poppie Vermaak. Her contact details are available on the SACS website.


Frans Johnson with an 11kg common landed at the Xhariep Club dam.