SACS is pleased to announce that I have finalized an agreement with the “Fishing for Gold syndicate” at Wemmerpan for SACS subscribers to fish the venue. SACS can at the moment book 2 sessions per month on a weekend or midweek for SACS subscribers at the syndicate. Subscribers will book on the SACS reservations website and I will then confirm availability on the Fishing for Gold booking system for the dates that you have booked.

When confirmed by the venue manager you will be informed by me to do payment of the angling fee payable to SACS to secure your booking at the venue. Subscribers will only be allowed to do (1) one booking and session per month as to allow other subscribers to get a chance to book and fish as well during the second session allocated for the month.

The SACS reservations system has been updated already to include Wemmerpan. The fee payable will be displayed when making your booking.

New swims are currently being built at the venue and more facilities will be erected in time by the syndicate. You also have the option to request prefeeding for your swim at R1,050.00 for 10kg of bait over a 2 day period. If you want a guide, Gys Britz will assist you for R500 for the session.

Contact me at if you need more information in this regard.

Kind regards,

Julius Klokow (Director: SACS)