Corrie Lock

Corriloch is a brand new venue on the specimen scene run by a passionate farming family pairing of Shane Milani and Johan Groenewald. Johan, no stranger to specimen angling is the current farm manager at African Blessings, a renowned venue rear Bronkhortspruit, which he developed with the assistance of SACS into a safe specimen destination with a growing head of big fish and fantastic facilities.

Corriloch is not a big lake. The central island dominates the lake with tree-lined banks and lilies inviting the angler to explore the margins. Completely natural, the surrounding vegetation and babbling Magalies River close-by transforms the lake into a little gem not more than 45 minutes out of the city located only 30 metres from the R24. Many anglers would surely have driven past without noticing it!

Shane confirmed that they would like to preserve the the atmosphere at the lake and have so established only (2) two swims; giving anglers exclusive access to their own part of the lake. Like all good fishery managers they are leaving the island and the area behind it as a sanctuary for the fish to spawn and to take refuge if needed.

Angling at the venue will be strictly controlled through SACS rules and Code of Conduct as with Johan’s African Blessings experience. Kindly take note that although SACS rules apply that the owner might allow non-members to fish the lake to ensure sustainability of the venue on short term. SACS Subscribers to kindly indicate that they are SACS members when placing their bookings.

Angling intimacy will require sound technical fishing, thus anglers will have to take extra care when fishing it. It is certainly not a big water to approach with big inflatables, motors and many rods – this is real small water carping providing its own challenges and technical fishing tactics. Big carp are many times also difficult to catch in a small lake and can be challenging, especially if lots of natural food are present.

Exact fish weights are currently unknown as the venue is still being explored, but a 15kg fish has been landed in the past. In addition Shane knows that the venue harbors at least two ornamental albino grass carp and possibly other exotic fish that may have made their way into the lake from the Koi farm upstream. The venue certainly promises some unique trophies!

Corriloch is currently open for weekend bookings only.

Getting there:-

Use the R24 to Magaliesburg, Just Prior to the bend over the Magaliesburg River the farm is on the left.

Lake Rules:-

Strict SACS rules, with some added to cater for the venue’s unique specific features.


Two, very private. Swim 1 has a 2 rod limit en Swim 2 has a 4 rod limit.


Camping at each swim: Toilet and Bath with hot water in separate outbuilding. Ice, wood and cold drinks can be pre-ordered and the venue is licenced. Supermarket, fuel and ATM’s are 10 minutes away.


The venue is safe and gates will be locked between 6 AM – PM. Vehicles will be inspected on leaving. Arrangements can be made for arrival and departure outside these times.

Fish Care:-

Over and above SACS rules, Corriloch will be the first venue to compulsory require all landing nets to be dipped in a chemical bath at the entrance to prevent the introduction of diseases and alien plants – no dipping no access!


Shane Milani: 082-780 2364


  • R150 per night per angler
  • R70 per night per non-angler

(Thank you to John Dearden and The Carp Angler magazine for providing the background information to the venue.)