SA Carp Angling Solutions – SACS supports an privately managed Carp Fishing Venue system open to SACS Subscribers. We do not place a limit on subscribers (membership) at SACS and anyone willing to support our ethical specimen angling cause and venue rules are welcome to join us.

We do ‘not’ support the “syndicate” system currently being promoted in the country where only a few members are allowed at an extensive yearly fee to fish at a particular lake. It is well known that syndicates are prone to “import” fish from public dams. We are also well aware that fish are moved from big Carp venues to syndicates to benefit only a few (mostly a group of friends). This system is supported by Carp fishing magazine publishers in South Africa and this is unfortunate due to the way syndicates are established to benefit only a few.

Kwaggahoek Dam is allowed as an eco-system to manage itself in a natural environment without the interference of man. Kurper species in the dam manages small frey naturally and keep the totals of small fish and grass under control. We also do not import big Carp illegally from public dams.

How can you get involved to support SACS? You can support SACS financially by becoming a subscriber and in doing so get access to fish Kwaggahoek Dam situated near Mookgopong in the Waterberg.

Kindly visit our website at to become a subscriber and click on the “Kwaggahoek Dam” link to read more about our beautiful venue.

At an affordable visitors’ fee we have various larger private angling camp areas as well as smaller camp areas available for your enjoyment. We promote family visits at the lake and small dogs are also welcome. We also have a fully equipped Kingfisher chalet available for subscribers to book. For the adventurous people among us we have a selection of smaller Fisherman chalets available which is basically a “bed and roof over your head” allowing angling at your door step in the eastern brook flowing into the lake. Carp up to 17kg have been landed in front of the Fisherman Chalets in the past.

The lake record is 26kg while Carp from 10kg up to 18kg are frequently landed.

Uncle Piet and Ennie will meet you at the dam to welcome you and to also assist with wood and ice at a small fee.

We hope to meet you soon at our jewel in the Waterberg. Thank you to the ongoing support of current subscribers / visitors. It is much appreciated!