Dear SACS Subscribers

From 16 August 2017 all bookings made (and already made) on the SACS website must be paid in full within 36 hours since it was made or it will be automatically rejected by the Booki system.

This unfortunately has to be activated on the system due to bookings being made but not cancelled in time by subscribers. This takes away the opportunity for other subscribers to also book the same dates you could not have honored. SACS has a proper cancellation policy in place as indicated on the Booki “Reservations” page on the website which allows full / limited refunds as directed by SA Law; we even allow a booking to be carried over once to limit possible lost to subscribers.

I regard this as a more than fair user policy to also honor our contracts with venue owners in managing their income for the venues.

Your support in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thank you to those who have always done payments in time and who made it much easier for me to manage. Much appreciated!

Kind regards,

SACS Director