NB: Please take note!

All existing bookings for this year made at Kwaggahoek Dam before the Covid-19 lock-down commenced remains in place unless canceled / postponed by members who have made it. All existing fishing rules still apply at the lake.

Please take note that the Department of Water Affairs, Fishing and Forestry have issued regulations in June 2020 that inland fishing (may be done) while regulations was also published this week that (no) travel for leisure may be undertaken across Provincial Borders. SACS can therefore not issue a permit for anglers to cross provincial borders for recreational fishing at our dam.

Covid-19 social distancing rules implemented at Kwaggahoek Dam are as follows:

* Only SACS members are allowed at the lake.
* Only the Kol and Otter Camps as well as Camp Area 3 will be available to members to book. The rest remains closed.
* You may not receive any visitors at all during your stay.
* Max 3 anglers per camp.
* Two (2) meter social distancing at all times.
* Masks are to be worn at all times in public.
* Bring your own sanitizer and use it frequently.
* Bring own toilet paper and leave the ablutions and showers clean after use.
* Failure to adhere to these rules will result in warnings being issued for adherence.

Kindly contact Júlíus Kloków via whatsapp at 0837899082 for assistance to make a new reservation or to cancel / postpone your reservation made if you will not be able to travel across provinces to fulfill your booking at Kwagghoek Dam.

By Order
SACS Director
Kwaggahoek Dam Management