By: The Managing Director of SACS
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This month I wish to publish some beautiful catches made by SACS subscribers. The feedback I received with regard to Kwaggahoek dam is very positive and our subscribers like to enjoy the tranquillity this venue has to offer, although a bit on the “wild” side with its resident Crocodile.

Both Fish were caught in the early morning hours on the 7th of April just after the rain, dam was very full, waited 3 days for first run, tactic used tigers, hemp and some Koo mealies with pineapple balanced baits. First photo Arthur Cockcroft and second Henry Cockcroft


William Roos used a mixture of whole tiger nuts, crushed tiger nuts, hemp seed and rock salt as ground feed. Hookbaits were double sweetcorn tigers balanced with red coloured foam on a anti blow back rig using a size 4 Korda curve shank hook. Fed mousetrap style, no mass baiting. New PB 18.18kg


Stefan de Bruto SACS: with a 10.4kg potbelly Mirror Carp


SACS is still getting more subscribers although we have lost a few who decided to relocate overseas or do not fish as much anymore. I am indeed able to report that SACS is still growing and our income is stable. Boss @ Tax is still our appointed Book keeping and Auditor firm ensuring that our record keeping are indeed done according to proper specifications while adhering to income tax laws.

I would like to thank all subscribers who opted to stay on although our subscription fee has escalated for 2018. SACS is only alive and well due to your contributions ensuring that we can provide a proper private venue to you with many big Carp.

At the moment I am referring some conventional anglers to a nearby venue while the owner refers Specimen Carp Anglers to SACS. This partnership has assisted SACS to grow in the area while providing more income to both venues for the owners.

I have also contacted a nearby Crocodile Farms to assist us with the removal of the crocodile from Kwaggahoek Dam. Safety of our customers is a priority and we want to curb any unnecessary occurrences.

I wish all SACS subscribers a Winter Season with monster Carp and may it bless your time at the lake with some proper PB’s.