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It is with great enthusiasm in the Carp Angling industry that I am writing this article today to you. We are experiencing a “boom” in the industry like never before! Many Carp anglers are taking up the struggle to become entrepreneurs in the industry. Older and bolder anglers are using the experience they have gained over decades as Specimen / Conventional Anglers to get more quality products into the marketplace. Some has been Protea anglers in Carp / Conventional angling for years and they know the industry’s needs. I am also thinking of Specimen Products as well as Conoflex who have taken the Carp Angling industry by storm on both the Specimen and Conventional side of Carp Angling. Personally I am using both as it is quality products and it is easily obtainable all over the country. Although I like to use several brands of baits and equipment I must confess that the above bait products have always treated me well when using it. It is also designed and marketed by excellent anglers in their own right willing to put their names on it. The news that Gilbert Foxcroft has been appointed at The Kingfisher (Sales & Marketing) has been received well in the industry and after talking to him I am more than ever convinced that the Carp Angling industry will be boosted by other well-known brands as well led by another well-known and humble Carp angler with an unparalleled passion for the sport he promotes every day to those new to the sport.

Perhaps there are also a down side to the progressive development of especially baits and tackle taking place in the industry as some sees it as an opportunity to make a “quick buck”. Some people never heard of before are now trying to put their own developed baits in the market for sale and many ingredients used are not up to standard to provide quality well digestive baits that should be fish friendly as well as nutritious to Carp. A friend of mine for example has also been designing his own quality boilie for years and one guy just came up some time ago and put it on the market from underneath him when parts of the ingredients in the bait was discussed at a session. Needless to say the bait is no more available as it has not reached its full potential in the Carp Angling industry because not all the nutritious and other often expensive ingredients were put in the bait as per original development.  At the end of the day expensive baits put on the market has to catch fish or it will not survive picky customers if it does not. I like to especially read the articles written by Johann Hierons with utmost attention because his attention to detail in the designing quality baits without any compromise to quality is revolutionary! I wish to request all Carp Anglers reading this to keep on supporting our gurus in the Carp Angling industry because without them we would not have been where we are now. They deserve utmost respect from us.

Venues –

Kwaggahoek dam has done well again this Winter with many big fish being landed. Unfortunately I became aware that some anglers are again trying to steal fish from the lake. Sacking of Carp are indeed not allowed at the lake and the staff has been requested to keep an eye open for carp sacks being used. We are meeting with the owner to discuss some upgrades to facilities as SACS would be able to fund wooden chalets in each Camp. This will make it easier for parents with babies to have the whole family sleeping over in the camps itself during colder nights.

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Michael Reyneke with a 15.5kg Common landed on pleasant Winter day at Kwaggahoek dam