Another important function of the SA Carp Society is education. The SA Carp Society will implement and fund several platforms to:

1. Grow the Sport

Various platforms will be used to introduce new anglers to the sport of carp fishing. These platforms include, but are not limited to, seminars / clinics, guided fishing excursions, DVD / TV and multimedia productions, etc. Specimen Carp Fishing Seminars and mini clinics will follow. The SA Carp Society will establish training centres across South Africa to supply training on demand. This not only to promote the sport, but also to allow members to progress to their next level of membership.

2. Change perceptions

This is probably our biggest challenge. We want to rid the sport of the terms "dam-duikers" and "papgooiers" (to only mention a few). We want to establish a new breed of carp anglers... anglers who demand respect. The SA Carp Society's Code of Conduct, which every member must sign before joining, will form the basis of this new carp fishing culture. The SA Carp Society believes that carp fishing as a whole will be offered much more opportunities, sponsorships, airtime on TV, etc if we can rid the sport of all the negativity and anti-carp fishing propaganda. Member conduct will play a major part in achieving this goal, hence the Code of Conduct.

3. Educate others

We will not have to fight as hard for our right to exist when everyone understands the true financial value of our sport and the major role carp fishing plays in our economy. Carp fishing plays a major roll in tourism, imports / exports, manufacturing, retail, etc.

4. Other areas

An area where we believe we can play a major role in the growth of the sport is at major fishing competitions. Over the last seven years we have witnessed appalling conditions at various events around the country. The SA Carp Society will use these platforms to educate anglers about basic catch and release principles and proper treatment of fish. We will also assist organisers to improve weigh-in procedures. More and more anglers want to release their fish and organisers must create an environment suitable for releasing the fish after weigh-in. The lack of Fish Care at fishing competitions is a huge concern. Apart from the cruelty aspect, these practices also give the angling sport a bad name. Conditions like these calls for immediate action. Sponsors of these events must also assist... otherwise these mass killings of fish might reflect badly on their good names.

SACS will establish partnerships with various angling providers and other organizations in order for carp anglers to access educational material on the web more easily. Follow the link below to access this material.