The process for booking swims at dedicated SACS-only venues are as follows:

1. Decide on the venue and swim you want to fish

2. Go to the link: and make your booking.

3. You will receive an invoice specifying the amount to be paid for your booking. 

4. Pay over the booking fee to SACS in the bank account indicated on the invoice and use as reference your Invoice Number, e.g: Booki 23

5. To confirm your booking please fax proof of your payment to 086-699 3336

Please contact me at or 083-789 9082 if you have any inquiries.

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NB> Because of problems experienced due to payments not being made by some members for booking swims at SACS venues and sessions not being attended as booked, SACS is compelled to put the following arrangements in place:

1. No booking by a SACS member will be confirmed if payment has not been received at least 5 work days before a session is scheduled to take place. The booking will be forfeited and the respective swim opened for another member to book.

2. Bookings made for a swim within 5 days of a session must be paid for within 24 hours of the booking made or the booking will be forfeited and the respective swim opened for another member to book.

3. If a member is not able to attend the session he / she booked, SACS may shift the booking to another date on requested of the member if the new date requested is available. If the member do not contact SACS at least 48 hours in advance of a session to shift a booking, SACS reserves the right to pay over the amount paid by the member to the lake owner and it will thus not be refunded back to the member.

4. This arrangements includes payments made directly to lake owners, i.e. Vosloo Park.

5. BCP have its own payment arrangement in place and it will be communicated to members upon making a booking.

Please provide your assistance in this regard to the people taking your calls for bookings as it will assist them to provide a proper service to you as well as other members.