By: The Managing Director of SACS


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Member & Organisation News

SACS is so pleased to announce that we added a new venue to our official website for SACS Subscribers. Corriloch has been featured in the magazine of September 2016 and needs no introduction. SACS has negotiated access for our subscribers to the venue and the owners are excited to allow access to proper and ethical anglers only, like SACS subscribers.

I wish to request all SACS Subscribers who have not done so yet to join our facebook group ”SA Carp Angling Solutions” for the latest news and announcements. The MD of SACS is personally involved in updating the group almost daily. Many articles relevant to carp angling are also shared that will assist our subscribers in enhancing their carp angling tactics. You are also in immediate contact with SACS Management should you wish to share positive inputs or wish to get assistance from other subscribers. Please contact the MD of SACS directly by e-mail or per phone should you have any issues with your subscription or something urgent to discuss. I am always willing to assist our valued subscribers.

SACS has also received some negative feedback from some specimen carp anglers that SACS and The Carp Angler magazine share to much information about venues that were traditionally protected in some “secrecy”. The concerns are that unethical fisherman would take over such venues with thin line polluting the water also creating a dangerous environment for the fish and line being snagged or burned off while retrieving a fish. Other concerns are also the fear of many killing the big / monster carp from such venues and fish being mistreated due to the lack of proper fish care equipment. I must add that these fears are indeed valid ones. I also think that SACS and the magazine are not alone to blame for this as many anglers like to have their photos published on social media; with many friends accepted on the angler’s facebook profile and many not even personally known. It is thus unavoidable that information might at some time be leaked about these anglers “secret” fishing venues.

You might tell a friend who tell friends, who tell their friends… you get my drift. If you don’t want anybody to know where you are catching your 66lb’er don’t tell anyone! If you tell, be also willing to assist other anglers to safely land and treat the big fish to be expected at your “secret” venue when you see them there. It is then the only way to try and protect the fish.

I wish to confirm that the MD of SACS do not share information about private venues if requested to do so by the owner or anglers thereof. SACS respects this opinion and the protection of big carp venues is our priority.

Venue Reports

SACS members has achieved good catches at especially Kwagghoek Dam over the past few months. The fish has spawned and the smaller fish has started to show again. I have visited the venue with the owners and will provide feedback in the next issue of the magazine. We are looking in enhancing the swims / camps with power points for example.

Misty Lakes is delivering some bigger fish already due to the fish management process in place. We want to finalize phase 1 as soon as possible to start feeding the fish with proper boilies and koi pellets. It is no use feeding the smaller fish and the bigger fish getting nowhere near the feed.

African Blessings is also delivering fish of 30lb’s by now due to the fish management process put in place by Johan.

Improvements taking place at venues

Misty Lakes: SACS is currently looking for sponsors to assist with funds to erect cabins at swims 1, 2 and 3 for anglers as well as a bridge to the island. Please contact me at if you would like to donate funds / material towards this. SACS has already received a sponsor from GAP Kitchens.


The drought has limited the water reserves in our country with many dams running dry and the water level of the Vaal, Caledon and Orange River declining daily. High levels of water restrictions has been imposed upon municipalities. Please assist to save our precious resource by recycling your home’s grey water to wet your gardens for example and recycle your swimming pool’s water by treating / cleaning it in a tank before pumping it back to the swimming pool.

As mentioned in the previous issue, SACS has received an enquiry from an Inner 10 Archery with regard to bow fishing. I have indicated that SACS would rather like to engage in discussions with Inner 10 Archery with regard to the matter of bow fishing as we could perhaps work together to understand the different points of view and to curb the killing of large / trophy carp. The following feedback has been received from Steve McIvor:

“Thanks for the reply, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I agree that trophy hunting Carp is not in the best interest for anyone. Bowfishing illegally is not something that should happen as well. I just train archers and do not hunt and only have occasionally fished. I am from Canada but do know that carp fishing by bow is popular in the States as well Bass. When I did go fishing along the Breede river here we were told by the conservationist in the area that if we could target the Bass, it would be appreciated, as the Bass were invasive. Not sure how big the Bass do get here, maybe pushing Bowfishing in that direction might be of benefit to the Carp sport fishing? A tag system / permit like they use back in Canada might be what is next? I think Bowfishing is gaining momentum here in SA, so the quicker it is legislated the better in my mind.”

This feedback will definitely upset the Bass anglers again!


13.6kg Common Carp caught at African Blessings

Dennis Voster and his son fishing African Blessings together…