By: The Managing Director of SACS


Subscriber applications:

Member & Organisation News

Firstly I want to congratulate all SACS Subscribers who were able to better their PB’s this past winter. It is so nice to see the happiness on the face of an angler just before the ice cold water from the lake gets poured over his head by a peg mate and the angler’s face suddenly gets pulled into some awkward positions. It is perhaps the best ice bucket challenge any carp angler could ask for! Congratulations to Neville Barnard for breaking his PB with a 25.405kg (56lb) Mirror.

I wish to request all SACS Subscribers to register on the new website “” as soon as possible as the old site will be linked to the new website soon.

SACS has also moved away from sending membership cards to subscriber. SACS now issue a proper “Subscriber Certificate” by e-mail and subscribers then have the option to have it printed and framed for the wall and to laminate a copy to display at SACS venues when visiting. Only positive feedback has been received from subscribers in this regard. Certificates will only be issued to subscribers (older members included) who register on the new website to keep control of those issued.

SACS has also lost 13 subscribers due to debit orders being returned at the bank for 3 months and more to the amount of up to R1,200.00 per month. Many subscribers as well as SACS are indeed feeling the bad economic climate currently being experienced. The online shop “” is not supported as much by subscribers as we would have liked to see. SACS want to kindly request subscribers to ensure that funds are available in their accounts for their SACS debit orders.

I am currently working on negotiations for at least 3 new venues for SACS subscribers only, i.e. Western Cape, Gauteng area and North West. Subscribers can again also book at the Fishing for Gold Syndicate: Wemmerpan as negotiated and bookings can be made on the SACS website.

Venue Reports

SACS members has achieved good catches at especially Kwagghoek Dam over the past few months. Various fish up to 40lb has been landed over June and July during the colder months. We look forward to the big carp above 50lb to be landed again before the spawn.

Misty Lakes is currently undergoing some renovations on swims as low level of the dam is assisting. The dam is now only 25% full due to the drought. We still recommend this venue to new SACS subscribers who wish to build their confidence in specimen carp angling. The lake record is still 28.6lb. This venue has proper ablution and is recommended for family carp angling outings. Please support this venue.

Xhariep dam are currently delivering some nice catches in access of 30lb and bigger fish are expected. SACS subscribers may apply through the Director of SACS for access to this private venue. Management are currently busy to enhance facilities at the venue also.

 Improvements taking place at venues

Current swims at Misty Lakes are being elevated and SACS is currently looking for sponsors to assist with funds to erect cabins at swims 1, 2 and 3 as well as a bridge to the island. Please contact me at if you would like to donate funds / material towards this.


The Fish Management process is still underway at Misty Lakes and various smaller carp has been removed from the lake.  SACS is looking forward to establish a proper monster carp venue here.

SACS has received an enquiry from an Inner 10 Archery with regard to bow fishing. The initial e-mail disturbed me a lot due to the indication by the writer that he received various requests from archers to be trained by him to do bow fishing. I then also realized that this was an opportunity to respond to the writer with information as to what negative impact bow fishing could have if many large / trophy fish would be killed for recreational purposes. While most anglers are trying to protect these fish it could be killed due to the introduction of another recreational activity that could lead to tempers flaring and people even being injured / killed by accident. SACS is also aware that a lot of education will have to be provided to these people as they would not let the opportunity go by to shoot and kill a large / trophy carp.

SACS is aware that the legality of bow fishing has not been established in SA yet as no one has made an effort to establish it as a sport through the correct channels with the Dept. Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation. I am also aware from our engagement with Nature Conservation and the Dept. Environmental affairs that it would possibly also not be allowed to be practiced at a public venue where other people could perhaps get hurt as a dangerous weapon are being used.

Some people in Gauteng have been bow fishing at night due to the fear of being caught. They also wear balaclavas not to be identified when posting on Facebook their photos on a Gauteng Fishing group. They have been reprimanded by carp anglers in an effort to stop this but they continued to display a no-care attitude in their comments.

I have indicated that SACS would rather like to engage in discussions with Inner 10 Archery with regard to the matter of bow fishing as we could perhaps work together to understand the different points of view and to curb the killing of large / trophy carp. I will provide an update in the next issue.


Below some photos of catches made by SACS subscribers this winter:

Anthony Tomsett: Kwaggahoek dam: 29 June 2016: 13.13kg (29lb)

11.2kg (25lb)

17.35kg (38lb)


14.71kg (32lb)

Neville Barnard Kwaggahoek dam : 13 June 2016: 30lb

Ryan Matthysen : Kwaggahoek dam: 13 June 2016: 30lb


14 kg (31lb)


Krisan Naidoo: Wemmerpan: 19 June 2016: 37lb


Neville’s New PB of 25.405kg (56lb)